Scott Webb

Scott Webb is a professional photographer from London, Ontario, Canada. He specializes in architectural photography. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Architecture, and works with top architectural firms in Ontario.

Photo by Scott Webb. One London Place. London, Ontario, Canada.
One London Place. London, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash.

Architectural Photography by Scott Webb

161 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario
Ryerson University Student Learning Centre
Architectural photo example. London, Ontario

When is the best time to schedule architectural photography? Every successful architectural project should be included in the architect’s project portfolio. Scott provides some helpful hints on how to schedule photography.

Scott has some nice photos of the London Life Insurance building. His portfolio of building interiors is beautifully displayed.

Abstract Art

Scott has created a series of attractive abstract art images. Some of these are similar to the work of Paweł Czerwiński.

Scott Webb photo of abstract art. Shades of pink, red, gray and rust.
Abstract wallpaper background created from acrylic pouring on canvas.  Photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash.
Abstract art. Blue, yellow, red, orange. Photo by Scott Webb.
Abstract art. Blue, yellow, red, orange.
Abstract art. Shades of blue and green.
Abstract art. Shades of blue and green.
Abstract art. Shades of green with hint of yellow.
Abstract art. Shades of green and yellow.

How do you make money by giving away free images? Seems like a crazy question, eh? Perhaps it has something to do with the law of indirection. How can you make money by giving away your photos? Scott wrote a blog post about this: How to Make Money on Unsplash.

Finding happiness is more important than making money. Finding joy in our work is a gift from God.

Many artists, architects, designers and photographers struggle with depression and anxiety. Part of that struggle is trying to discover our unique place in the universe. Scott tells his unique story in a blog post:

“I was on a path that was littered with negativity, self-sabotage, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I thought a lot about how terrible my life was and how I’d become nothing like I dreamt I would be as a child. What happened? I did so well in school growing up. I was always told that I had such great potential. The word potential became the most disgusting word I could ever hear someone say to me. I would try to see this so called ‘potential’ also known as my future but all I could see was darkness. It was like looking into a black sheet of paper in the dark.”

Scott’s photographs have been downloaded thousands of times (over 300,000 as of March 2016) and he says: “I’m supremely humbled to be able to provide free photography that’s been used by so many people, all over the world.”

Learn more about Scott by visiting his website, Flickr photostream, Instagram feed, or Unsplash portfolio. Or connect with Mr. Webb via Facebook or Twitter.